Terms of Use


1. General

1.1 These Terms of Use apply to all use and functioning of the plaform USbikezone and to all services offered by USbikezone.

1.2 By visiting our platform you accept our Terms of Use and give us permission to process your personal data as stated in the Privacy policy. USbikezone may change these Terms of Use from time to time. It is therefore advisable to read the Terms of Use on a regular basis.


2.  Services

2.1 USbikezone brings together question and demand on its platform. USbikezone is no way involved with the content placed by users and third parties on its platform. In addition, we are never an involved party when users enter into a contract among themselves or with a third party.

2.2 USbikezone is not able, nor obliged to supervise the legitimacy of the articles and services on offer, or the legal capacity of its users. In addition, in case of services offered to third parties, their own Terms of Use apply. We do not have a say about the contents or the implementation of these Terms and are therefore not responsible.

2.3 The services offered by USbikezone are accesible only to persons who are able to conclude judicially binding agreements according to Dutch law. 


3. Registring , Advertising and Assessing

3.1. You can register as an advertiser by filling out the online registration form complete and in all honesty. You can delete your personalised page from the platform at all times.

3.2. You vouch for the completeness and corectness of all your registered data. You need to keep this information up to date and change it if necessary.

3.3 You are responsible for the confidentiality of your email address and your password. This information may not be handed over to third parties.

3.4. You can place an advertisement for free and respond to other advertisements after you have logged in with your email address and your password.

3.5. It is not allowed to place advertisements on USbikezone in any other way than specified by us. The following rules apply:

  • advertisements must be placed in the most appropiate category;
  • when a sale is completed you need to delete your advertisement;
  • the title of your advertisement may not be misleading;
  • it is not allowed to place a photograph with someone else's copyright or portrait right, or that doens't have any relation to the placed advertisement.

3.6 When you place an advertisement you can indicate whether or not other advertisers may make a bid. Unless you state specific rules in your advertisement, prices offered are not binding. Bidders can retract their bid and are not under contractual obligation to buy.

3.7 You can share your advertisements on several social media such as Facebook and Twitter through USbikezone  as well. In this case, the Terms of Use of these third parties apply.

3.8 Unless you or USbikezone delete your advertisement(s), these will remain online for a period of 30 days. After this time period, it is possible to renew your advertisements for free.


4. Unauthorized use of the platform

4.1 The  platform’s content may not be copied, reproduced and/or made public by the user.

4.2. The User is not allowed to collect personal data form Advertisers, such as email addresses and telephone numbers, and/or to approach Advertisers with the purpose of offering personal products and/or services.

4.3. The databank right apply to HarelyGround databank containing Advertisement. This implies, among other things, that the User is not allowed to ask for a substantial part of the databank’s content containing Advertisements in order to reuse it, and/or repeatedly and systematically ask and reuse substantial parts of the content of the Databank in order to reuse it according to the rules of the Databank rights.

4.4 The user is not allowed to place hyperlinks to Advertisements placed on other websites/platforms unless he or she has written consent form USbikezone.

4.5 It is not allowed to place Advertisements on the platform through an automatic system, or in any way other than via de &IsquoePlaats Advertentie&rsque button, unless USbikezone has given its written consent.

4.6 It is not allowed to place Advertisements on behalf or at the request of others without the consent of USbikezone.


5. Unauthorized use of the platform is not allowed

We do not allow users to place content that is:

incorrect, misleading and incomplete and in which personal data of third parties is processed that is in breach of public order and moral practice, that is discriminating on grounds of religion, political preference, race, sex, nationality, sexual orientation or that is offensive in any other way; it is equally not allowed to place content that contains viruses, worms, trojans, cancelbot or other software that might be harmful to our Service or the interests and property of users, that might cause damage to the platform’s infrastructure and/or distorts and disrupts it causing the advancement of illegal activities in breach with (inter)national law and regulation, causing infringement on USbikezone’s Intellectual Property rights, privacy or any other right, as well those of other users or third parties, and for other reasons that we might not agree with and were not mentioned above.


6. Unlawful use of the platform and steps taken in reaction

6.1 For complaints regarding fraud, illegal and infringing advertisements, insulting contents and other problems we request you use the possibility of filing a complaint with the advertisement. This way, we can make sure the platform remains as clean and safe as possible.

6.2 In case we recieve indications and/or complaints from other customers or if we have other reasons to believe that a certain User does not act in accordance with the law and/or the Terms of Use and /or the Privacy Policy, we can, if we see a reason to do so, take to following measures to protect our users for reasons of safety. USbikezone may also take these measures in case you use the platform in an unreasonable fashion, for example when you hinder other users or disrupt the functioning of the platform. USbikezone may exclude the User in question form all services, restrict certain functionalities for this User and/or delete one or more advertisements form this User. 6.3 USbikezone may, in the context of above mentioned measures, process the personal data of the users involved. In case there is a reason to do so, USbikezone may pass on, within the limits of the law, personal data of the users involved, for example to the police.


7 Liability

7.1 USbikezone is not liable for the actions of other users or the information placed by other users. Since most of the content comes from other users, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the placed advertisements or other messages, nor do we guarantee the quality, safety or rightfulness of what’s on offer. We also cannot give any guarantee concerning the permanent or secured access to our Service. We are not liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from your use of the platform.

7.2 USbikezone is in no way whatsoever liable for special, indirect and consequential damages in connection to the use and functioning of our platform, including but not restricted to lost profit and the loss of your data.

7.3 To the extent that USbikezone is liable for damages described in article 7.1, our liability in relation to you or to third parties is restricted to: (a) the total sum of the compensation you payed to USbikezone over a period of 6 months prior to the dealings that led to the damage, or (b) &100euro, depending on what number is higher.

7.4 Your claim to compensation expires after a period of 12 months, unless you informed USbikezone as quickly as possible of the damage suffered.


8 Choice of law and jurisdiction

Dutch law is solely applicable to the use of the Service and these conditions. Each dispute in relation to this will only be presented to an authorized judge in Amsterdam.


9 Other regulations

9.1 These conditions contain the entire agreement you agreed upon with USbikezone concerning the use and functioning of the platform. Agreements that were made at an earlier point are hereby expired. Unless confirmed in writing, oral agreements have no legal significance.

9.2 USbikezone may change the Terms of Use, or parts of it, at all times. USbikezone will strive to announce such a change within a reasonable term before the implementation. The changes will come into force within a reasonable time period after they have been announced, or after you have used the platform since the implication of these changes, depending on the order of above described events.

9.3 Non-enforcement by USbikezone of one or more stipulations does not imply a wave of right to do so at a later point in time.

9.4 The legitimacy of the other stipulations will not be effected in case on or more stipulations in these Terms of Use are invalid or declared invalid.